Another internet radio project

We moved in to a new apartment about a month ago from an open plan solution to a more traditional to bedroom flat with a separate kitchen. Not being able to use our home theatre receiver, my wife wanted a radio in the kitchen and that was all it took to get me in Pi mode.

I googled and found a ton of projects with some really good links, almost all based on adafruits tutorials. Adafruit internet radio overwiev and Adafruit touchscreen internet radio

The parts list is still a work in progress. I had an 16×2 lcd display and a Raspberry Pi 2 laying around so I decided to put them to good use in this project. Speakers, sound card and is still to bee decided.

I have followed the touchscreen tutorial as far as choosing mpc/mpd as the software for my internet radio. This tutorial from Rolf van Gelder at CAGE web design helped me getting started.

Displaying info from mpc to the LCD-display haven’t worked out as well as I hoped so I’ll get back to that in the next post.



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